Two Aberdeen technology firms collaborate to bring new ERP to market

STC INSISO and ANSA Data Analytics have announced the official launch of a cutting-edge enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed to enable organisations to optimise their operations. The development of this innovative platform for operations teams, represents a significant six-figure investment by STC INSISO, underscoring their commitment to business solutions excellence.

New features in Clarity™ 1.4- Multifinger Caliper Analysis Software Update

Clarity 1.4 introduces the biggest step change in MFC data processing, analysis and reporting since the introduction of digital calipers: PRISM Workflow.

New features in Clarity™ 1.3- Multifinger Caliper Analysis Software Update

Bringing the user more ways to save time and achieve better results, in the latest version of Clarity

AI-Driven Automations

To delve deeper into this fascinating realm, CeeD, in partnership with ANSA Data Analytics and RBS, invites you to a thought-provoking discussion on AI-Driven Automations.

Perenco UK Partners with ANSA Data Analytics to Revolutionise Multifinger Caliper Data Analysis

An independent hydrocarbon producer, Perenco has partnered with Aberdeen-based ANSA Data Analytics as part of the ongoing development of Clarity, ANSA’s next-generation software for processing multi-finger caliper data.

ANSA’s Clarity™ Software Reaches 100 Project Milestone, Redefining Multifinger Caliper Analysis

Since its launch in the spring of 2023, Clarity has become a pivotal tool in redefining complex multifinger caliper data processing and analysis tasks.

Jay Purves Promoted to Data Analyst at ANSA Data Analytics

“The team at ANSA fosters a great learning environment. I look forward to gaining more experience and expertise from the diverse and knowledgeable backgrounds of the team. I also look forward to sharing my own experiences as I develop independently. There is something to be learned from every dataset!”

New feature and functionality update to Clarity™ – multifinger caliper analysis software

New Feature and Functionality Update to Clarity™ – Multifinger Caliper Analysis Software Based on feedback from the cohort of first adopters of Clarity, we have been making changes and updates that we are now excited to announce to anyone considering trying Clarity for their multifinger caliper analysis projects. Clarity is ANSA’s AI-powered digital oilfield software… Continue reading New feature and functionality update to Clarity™ – multifinger caliper analysis software

Enhancing production efficiency: optimising flow profiles with multifinger caliper log analysis

Let’s dive into the world of flow profiles, understand their significance, and explore how multi-finger caliper log analysis can enhance production efficiency.

Production logging lecture for the Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Charter at the Universidad de Oriente – Monagas, Campus Los Guaritos

Our data analyst, Jose Villar, returned to his alma mater in Venezuela, to read a lecture on Production Logging.