New Features in Clarity™ 1.4 - Muiltifinger Caliper Data Analysis Software Update

Clarity 1.4 introduces the biggest step change in MFC data processing, analysis and reporting since the introduction of digital calipers: PRISM Workflow.

PRISM Workflow

For the first time ever, MFC processing is fully supported by assistive technologies from the moment raw, field-data is loaded all the way to the output of a feature and information rich analytical report. 

With PRISM Workflow, Clarity user’s can be guided through the entire process required to transform raw-data into actionable intelligence. Our PRISM machine learning and AI modules  are automatically called to assist in the many decision making points, vastly diminishing the requirement to have a subject matter expert at hand.

PRISM Recalibration

Our new recalibration assistant can automatically identify and correct the most common causes of inaccuracy in MFC analysis: finger wear, bad tool calibration and temperature induced drift. 

Until now, only user-expertise could avoid these issues potentially introducing huge errors in the values reported from multifinger caliper data surveys. The impact varying from exaggerated or under reported penetration values, missed features and even the potential for diagnosing the need for expensive and urgent remedial action when, in reality, none was needed.

PRISM Data QC v.2

We continue to improve our PRISM QC module and it not only got faster but also more accurate with this latest release. 

This version can also automatically interface with Clarity’s data editor, allowing for data issues such as spikes, to be automatically identified and removed with a single click.

Custom Reporting v.2

Clarity’s custom reports got even better. They are now not only fully customisable based on your own template, but can generate all the data visualisations and images to illustrate the most important data features observed without the need for the user to capture screenshots. Simply let Clarity know which features you want to illustrate and the images will be generated and added with the required references, titles and index entries.  

If you’d like to request a demo of Clarity™, get in touch with our team.