Digital Oilfield Solutions

Innovations in Data Management and Artificial Intelligence

ANSA is bringing game-changing advances in data analytics for energy-related projects. We have been at the forefront of this dynamic sector for over 30 years and have a unique perspective on digital oilfield topology.

Our analysts have seen it all, having worked with datasets from all over the world, from every producing region, through every data collection method and technology, and against any combination of environmental factors and operational challenges.

Our information systems can aggregate, securely store and ultimately make available the knowledge currently untapped in your datasets.

We are transforming data analytics to:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

In partnership with stellar centers of excellence across the UK, we are developing  solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that will shape the future of data analytics.

We can help our clients around the world realise significant cost and time savings, as well as more accurate and consistent results, with core ANSA analysis reports being automated through an advanced data software platform.

Our team excels in ingenuity, attention to detail and bringing big ideas to the table. By leveraging the most sophisticated and up-to-date techniques, we are harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to deliver new innovations.

Digital Delivery System

We have developed a bespoke Digital Delivery System (DDS) for transferring our data analytics results as fast, securely and efficiently as possible.

With our DDS we can provide clients with their information when they need it, anywhere in world, instantly and seamlessly.

This is a fully encrypted service that allows clients to access their raw data, processed data and final analytical products, as well as interact directly with ANSA experts, all in one place. DDS also maintains a permanent and fully searchable archive of all client datasets, which they can access and manage remotely through our secure API.

Digital Delivery System
Legacy Data Evaluation

Legacy Data Evaluation

Legacy datasets owned by organisations are often unnoticed and stored in isolated silos. More importantly, the true value of this untapped intelligence can remain unexploited, often for many years.

We can help extract maximum value from data already acquired by re-processing legacy data, making datasets available for time-lapse studies, digitising logs and ultimately making information available through our Digital Delivery System.

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