Clarity- 100 projects milestone update

ANSA's Clarity™ Software Reaches 100 Project Milestone, Redefining Multifinger Caliper Analysis

ANSA Data Analytics (ANSA), a frontrunner in innovation within the oil and gas sector, proudly marks a significant achievement with the completion of 100 projects using its multifinger caliper analysis software, Clarity. Since its launch in the spring of 2023, this software has become a pivotal tool in redefining complex multifinger caliper data processing and analysis tasks.

Developed by a team comprising machine learning and data science experts, Clarity aims to automate intricate tasks associated with multifinger caliper data analysis. The software’s core objectives are to expedite processing and enhance result accuracy, leveraging advanced computational techniques and algorithms.

The software’s early deployment within the logging and account management team at READ Cased Hole, serving a global clientele, showcased Clarity’s potential. Concurrently, selected early adopters in the Netherlands and the UK tested the software, contributing to its initial evolution.

Following initial user feedback, Clarity underwent a number of updates, culminating in a more sophisticated version released in August 2023. The introduction of an AI-assisted depth correction module and a joint detection module, boasting an impressive 98% connection detection rate, were significant improvements. Furthermore, the integration of Clarity with Augment™, ANSA’s cloud-based analytics portal, expanded its utility.

ANSA’s ongoing commitment to refining Clarity is evident in its current roadmap. Upcoming features, scheduled for release later this year, encompass automated end-to-end processing and reporting, damage classification, bespoke reporting modules, data quality control, deformation analysis, recalibration, timelapse reporting, a 3D viewer, processing history and logging, and more.
In a strategic move, ANSA is establishing data-sharing collaborations with multinational oil and gas companies. These partnerships are poised to not only enhance the machine learning process but also to amplify the precision and efficacy of AI-driven solutions in the energy sector.

Joseph Guyan, ANSA’s Data Analytics Digital Manager, provided insights into Clarity’s evolution: “Introducing Clarity to the market has been deeply rewarding. As part of a team addressing a longstanding industry challenge, we have systematically incorporated user feedback, empowering professionals to overcome analytical hurdles that have not been addressed comprehensively before.”

ANSA’s commitment to technological advancement in AI and machine learning for the oil and gas sector is reshaping conventional paradigms. Clarity stands as a testament to the sector’s potential when cutting-edge technology converges with industry-specific expertise.