CLARITY feature and functionality update - multifinger caliper analysis

New Feature and Functionality Update to Clarity™ - Multifinger Caliper Analysis Software

Based on feedback from the cohort of first adopters of Clarity, we have been making changes and updates that we are now excited to announce to anyone considering trying Clarity for their multifinger caliper analysis projects.

Clarity is ANSA’s AI-powered digital oilfield software tool for evaluating your asset’s general condition or answering very specific well integrity questions.

It is powered by PRISM™, our proprietary suite of processing modules enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning, designed to automate the time-consuming elements of multifinger caliper analysis.

The latest module to be released is PRISM Depth Correction.

New Feature: PRISM Depth Correction

Matching the acquired data’s depth index with a reference document such as a well schematic is essential for several reasons.

By correcting wireline logging data to a well schematic, the measurements can be associated with the correct positions and depths within the wellbore, facilitating accurate interpretation, integration with other data, and aiding in well planning and reservoir management activities.

PRISM Depth Correction removes this onerous task from the analyst by automating the bulk of this process.

By using PRISM Depth Correction, you can now have Clarity scan the data and suggest the required depth correction. This replaces the manual process of scrolling through the data, matching the acquired depths with the reference depth, and calculating the depth corrections.

New Feature: Augment link

Clarity is now linked to Augment™, our new cloud-based platform where all ANSA’s data analysis services can be accessed on demand.  In the case that you find yourself with an unexpected increase in workload or need a more in-depth analysis, then you will be able to export your Clarity project files directly to Augment where the ANSA team will be able to provide support.

You can find out more about Augment, our cloud-based platform here

New Functionality

We continue to add functionality and improve existing PRISM modules. 

PRISM Joint Detection now detects up to 98% of connections automatically. Specifically, we have added another layer of detection to focus on flush/premium connections which have a much-reduced signature. The algorithm now also does an even better job of detection in data sets which contain multiple pipe sizes.

To aid with PRISM Depth Correction, the detection routine has also been updated with our first version of the Item Identification algorithm, which will detect and name specific completion items such as safety valves, nipples, and sliding sleeves.

Unit Conversion

In an ideal processing workflow, the imported log values will be defined by the correct unit of measurement. If not, you can convert any log value with a defined unit into another unit of measurement.


It is recommended to work with multifinger caliper data at the maximum acquired resolution to capture the most value from the data set. However, when working with data at different sample rates, or to alter the volume of data, you can up sample or down sample as required.

DLIS Import

There is now functionality to import this common oilfield data format into Clarity. The ability to import other formats is also being worked on.

If you’d like to request a demo of Clarity™, get in touch with our team.