Fast Turn Around Service

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ANSA presents clients with definitive answers faster than anyone else, through our pioneering Fast Turn Around (FTA) Service.

The FTA service is available for all ANSA data analysis and interpretation solutions, and delivers critical information in a highly accelerated time frame to enable near real-time decision making and immediate action at the point of operation.

We typically deliver an FTA in less than 4 hours from receipt of data, supporting our clients with the quality-assured answers they need, exactly when they need them.

Our FTA service can propel the progress of any project:

Fast Turn Around Analysis

Fast Turn Around Analysis

Our team of experts is always available.

With year round full-time on-call coverage, we support our clients’ most critical operations by delivering the results needed to make decisions and move forward.

The FTA option is an add-on to any of our services. Whether you need to locate an ideal packer setting position or determine the effect of manipulating a sliding sleeve to shut out unwanted water ingress, we provide the results in record time.

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