Digital oilfield solutions for frictionless operations – putting world-leading data analytics at your fingertips.

On-demand, Anywhere, at Any Time

Augment™ is our cloud-based platform where all ANSA’s digital oilfield services can be accessed on-demand, anywhere, at any time. It enables operators and service companies alike to rely on and be supported by their very own remote petrophysical data analysis team in the cloud.
Augment - A One-stop-shop

A One-stop-shop

Through Augment™ you can have a one-stop-shop for all data analytics requirements associated with the various stages of the asset’s lifecycle: from planning to decommissioning. Be it the evaluation of complex Pulsed Neutron surveys, well flow optimisation, well integrity, cement condition assessment and much more, Augment™ connects you and your data with our team of experts.

Unlock the true value of your data sets

Built from the ground up with security and simplicity in mind, Augment™ unlocks the true value of your datasets through an intuitive, fast and reliable interface giving you real-time access to all the data analytics support you need.
Augment - Unlock the true value of your data sets

Turbo-charge your asset management workflow processes

  • Centralised place for your projects
  • Frictionless workflow among teams and departments
  • Transparency for project costs
  • Full traceability of project jobs
  • Multiple user access and visibility across the team
  • Push notifications for keeping track of project progress
  • Reduced email clutter
  • Project readiness timeline with accuracy to the minute
  • One-off or subscription payment options, delivering both flexibility and lower cost

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