The ANSA Team

We are an independent team of multidisciplinary, multilingual, fully qualified log analysis experts, each bringing our unique strengths so that together, we excel for our clients.

Based at data hubs in the UK, US and Middle East and with more than 150 years of collective experience, our big ideas, ingenuity and fast response support projects all over the world.

Meet our talented and dedicated team

Senior Leadership

Alan Walsh ANSA

Alan Walsh

Managing Director

Alan has over 20 years of oil & gas operational management, service delivery and technical experience. He leads the global ANSA business, managing its team of independent log analysis experts at dedicated data hubs in the UK, US and Middle East.

Maurillio Addario ANSA data

Maurillio Addario

Data Analytics & Software Engineering Director

Maurillio oversees the development and application of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, as well as the creation of novel methods to unlock the true value of client data. He is based in Aberdeen and has more than 20 years of data analytics experience.

Analysis Team

Joseph Guyan ANSA

Joseph Guyan

Data Analytics Digital Manager

Based in Aberdeen, Joseph leads a team of analysts producing trusted data solutions for our clients. He has more than 10 years of experience in well integrity and production logging data analysis and interpretation, including fast turn around analyses, customer training and business development.

Craig Lamont ANSA

Craig Lamont

Data Analytics Delivery Manager

Craig specialises in log analysis for both well integrity and production logging, and heads up a team of experts supporting key regional operators. Aberdeen-based, he has been part of ANSA since 2012 and previously managed our Middle East data hub in Doha.

Ahmed Friha ANSA

Ahmed Friha

Senior Data Analyst

Ahmed provides impartial and reliable analysis and interpretation for clients worldwide and is ANSA’s go-to expert for reservoir surveillance and pulsed neutron logging. Based in Aberdeen, he has ten years of log analysis experience working internationally with ANSA and other leading service companies.

Tim Farrar ANSA

Tim Farrar

Senior Data Analyst

Tim’s expertise focuses on well integrity data analysis and interpreation. He handles data from a range of integrity evaluation technologies including multifinger calipers, cement bond, ultrasonic, and magnetic thickness. Tim is based in Aberdeen.

ANSA Data Analytics Team member avatar

Mohamed Selim

Senior Data Analyst

Mohamed specialises primarily in analysis of production logging data. Prior to joining ANSA, Mohamed worked with major service companies supporting global operations and analysis of a variety of production logging, tubular integrity and cement evaluation data.

Jenni Michie ANSA

Jenni Michie

Data Analyst

Jenni works with our global network of clients providing data analysis and interpretation for well integrity, including processing caliper data, cement bond logs and magnetic thickness tools. She is located in Aberdeen and has been part of the ANSA team since 2013.

Jose Villar ANSA

Jose Villar

Consultant Senior Data Analyst

Based in Venezuela, Jose is responsible for growing and supporting our business across Latin America and the Middle East. He has a significant technical background and 18 years of experience in cased hole data analysis and reservoir engineering.

Jeniffer Leyes ANSA

Jennifer Leyes

Data Analyst

Jeniffer is based in Aberdeen and performs analysis and interpretation of cased hole data in line with client objectives and ANSA’s high standards of service. She has previously worked offshore and has several years of field and project planning experience.

Cory Waldrop ANSA

Cory Waldrop

Data Analyst

Houston-based Cory has analysed more than 1500 caliper logs totaling over 11 million feet of analysed data during his 11 year career. He plays an integral role in developing ANSA’s proprietary data preparation, processing and 3D data viewer software, and serves as the trainer for new analysts.

Dave Stewart ANSA

Dave Stewart

Log Analysis Advisor

Dave has been a valued member of the ANSA team in Aberdeen for nearly 30 years and now, semi-retired, he works as a cased hole log analysis advisor, supporting ANSA’s well integrity and production logging analysis and interpretation activities.

Fares Terai

Fares Terai

Data Analyst

Fares graduated from Algeria’s biggest university (USTHB) with a Master’s Degree in Reservoir Engineering. He began his career in 2017 focusing initially on open hole data analysis. Fares now specialises in cased hole data analysis, primarily evaluation of cement and tubular integrity logs.

John Guntoro Machine Learning Engineer at ANSA data

John Guntoro

Machine Learning Engineer

As a machine learning engineer, John is responsible for providing automated solutions on different aspects of the multifinger caliper data analysis. Before joining ANSA, John worked as a researcher and a geophysicist. 

Lewis Emslie ANSA

Lewis Emslie

Junior Data Analyst

Lewis joined ANSA in November 2021 as a trainee analyst, and is developing his data analysis skills and knowledge to support ANSA’s clients. He is based in Aberdeen and has a degree in Chemistry.

Jay Purves ANSA Data Analytics

Jay Purves

Data Analyst

Jay has been part of the ANSA team in Aberdeen since November 2021. As a data analyst, he is learning the data analysis process from acquisition through to final report. He has a degree in Physics and a Master’s in Data Science.

Arun Neeliyath ANSA

Arun Neeliyath

Technical and Administrative Assistant

Arun is part of the ANSA Middle East team based in Doha, Qatar. He provides technical and administrative support across all ANSA regional activities and has extensive experience gained with various conglomerates.

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