Clarity™, a new generation of Multifinger Caliper Analysis Software. Let the power of our AI-driven automations get you faster and more accurate results.

Next Generation Automation

Clarity™ delivers next generation automation to the complex task of multifinger caliper data processing, enabling its users to go from raw data to actionable intelligence in minutes, not days. It is the first generation of digital oilfield software tools to be powered by PRISM™, our proprietary suite of AI-driven automated solutions.

Whether evaluating asset’s general condition or answering very specific well integrity questions, Clarity™ enables users to make informed decisions quickly and with confidence.



AI-driven functionality developed by subject matter experts with over 100 years of experience. Powered by PRISM™, our in-house AI engine, Clarity™ deploys powerful functionality to handle data processing tasks quickly, enabling you to apply your time where it generates most value.

Your Cloud-based Analyst

Clarity™ will soon allow you to interface directly with our team of experts through Augment™, getting you the help you need, whenever you need it. Our upcoming cloud-based platform allows you to get all of ANSA’s on-demand data analytics products.
Cloud-based Analyst
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

A new generation of Multifinger Caliper Analysis Software, Clarity™ has been written from the ground up using the latest technologies. Its intuitive design focuses on getting the most value out of your data, quickly and accurately: all the tools you need, and none that you don’t.

PRISM™ Data Processing Modules:

  • Data QC
  • Centralisation
  • Joint Detection
  • Downhole Item Identification
  • Deformation Analysis
  • Timelapse Report
  • Recalibration
  • Damage Classification
Much Much More


Can I get live support?

Yes, if you are a licensed user you can speak to us using the Microsoft Teams link below during UK office hours.

Live Support

How does the license for Clarity™ work?

The Clarity™ license is a cryptographic code which is applied to your local copy of the software enabling its features. You can “release” the license for any computer and apply it to another as many times as you like, the only restriction is it will only activate one copy, in one computer, at a time.

Can I install Clarity™ in more than one machine?

Yes, you can install Clarity™ in as many machines as you require. Each installed version can be used in Demo mode (i.e.: the processing features are not enabled) without the need for a license. To enable the processing features a license is required.


What are the minimum computer requirements to run Clarity™


The minimum system requirements to run Clarity™ are:
9th Generation Core i9 / AMD Ryzen 9 3000 series;
Microsoft Windows 10.


The recommended system configuration is:
11th Generation Core i9 / AMD Ryzen 9 7000 series;
Microsoft Windows 10.

How much does Clarity™ cost?

To get pricing information please get in touch with our sales team.

Get in Touch

When will new versions and updates for Clarity™ be available?

Bug fixes and updates will be released on a ongoing basis and are automatically pushed to the locally installed copies of Clarity™. New versions follow a release schedule with new functionality and other improvements throughout the year: v1.2 in June, v1.3 in September & v1.4 in December 2023.

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Talk to us – our specialists are standing by to help you meet your goals.


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