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Pressure Transient Analysis enables the characterisation of the geothermal wells behaviour

Our latest techbyte from ANSA’s Senior Data Analystsn Jose Villar and Ahmed Friha:

A recognised European operator in the renewable energy sector (Netherlands) requested Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) support for their horizontal geothermal wells. These well tests were conducted in 2018 with the main purpose of getting an estimate of the reservoir and boundary parameters as well as the productivity of each well. The pressure and temperature data of multiple tests were recorded by the diver at 100 mbgl (no downhole gauge).

Two parties have initially analysed the well tests and have come to different conclusions.  The operating company, that drilled the geothermal doublet, is now interested in having the test data analysed by different independent experts. Thus, ANSA Data Analytics team was the best option to go for an impartial interpretation service to identify a coherent reservoir and well model necessary to simulate the key reservoir parameters that explain the behaviour of the wells and to define whether a remedial activity to enhance the well productivity is required or not.

To gain a good understanding of the pressure transient tests, our expert data analysts integrated all the available data consisting of the reservoir information, the petrophysical evaluation from the pilot well, the production history and the geology maps. The limited duration and the quality of the well tests presented some challenges to the analysis work. However, the utilisation of adequate mathematical formulation and alternative methods such as data deconvolution enabled a comprehensive evaluation of the horizontal and vertical permeability, the formation skin, the anisotropy ratio, the effective horizontal well length and the well boundaries.

ANSA team’s experience in the field of Pressure Transient Analysis and our devotion to adding value enabled us to successfully fulfill the scope of the project, allowing the customer to take the right action regarding the enhancement of the wells’ productivity requirement. ANSA Data Analytics is proud to make an impactful contribution in the domain of enhancing the renewable energy efficiency and to work towards the global net-zero commitment.

Once the work was carried out, the customer gave us their feedback, saying “We are happy with the reports as sent; the outcome will help us in making the correct decisions for the wells”. 

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