Fares Terai

Algeria-based data analyst, Fares Terai, joins ANSA Data Analytics

Aberdeen based ANSA Data Analytics (ANSA) welcomes data analyst Fares Terai to its global team. Fares is a graduate of Algeria’s University Of Science And Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB) where he completed a Master’s degree in Reservoir Engineering. He began his data analysis career in 2017, focusing on open hole data analysis. Fares now specialises in cased hole data analysis, primarily evaluation of cement and tubular integrity logs.

Craig Lamont, ANSA’s Data Analytics Delivery Manager, and Fares’s supervisor shared: “Fares brings with him significant cased hole experience, increasing the expertise of our analyst team. He is settling in quickly and already contributing positively to the team. Fares joins an expanding and diverse international team of analysts and I look forward to him developing further within ANSA.”

Alan Walsh, ANSA’s Managing Director added: “The post pandemic world has brought about a move to much more online/digital based interactions which have allowed us to support analysts based remotely. This helped us to broaden our search and find analysts who better meet our requirements, and bring new skills, backgrounds and experiences to enhance the overall team. Working with analysts based in different countries also helps us to reach new locations and to more easily support customers globally.”

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