ANSA Independent Log Analysis Experts


Have you noticed our transformed brand identity? We are thrilled to introduce the new look for ANSA, following on from our announcement made earlier this week confirming that ANSA has demerged from READ Cased Hole.

We are now a fully independent business delivering a comprehensive suite of data processing, analysis, and interpretation solutions to help clients overcome energy-related challenges around the world. To reflect this, we needed a fresh and updated visual identity for ANSA.

Our sales and marketing team worked closely with Aberdeen-based designer, James Allan at Flux Creative to develop the new brand, as well as update ANSA sales and marketing resources – culminating in the unveiling of our new website

We asked James to sum up the thinking behind the design process for the new brand identity. He said, “The identity we developed for the new ANSA brand was driven with a purpose to convey them as an intelligent, dynamic and responsible choice for their business partnerships. At the core of this identity is a responsive logo mark which has been produced to not only reflect the qualities of ANSA, but to express their innate ability to recognise and uncover informed interpretation and genuine insight.”

A key element of our new brand is the tagline ‘Independent Log Analysis Experts’ – this perfectly sums up who we are, what we do, and the impartial expertise we offer to clients when it comes to data analysis.

As an independent team of multidisciplinary, multilingual, qualified and experience analysts, we are very much focused on the future of data analytics. During 2021, we will be introducing new innovations and technological advances to save our clients time and money and provide them with even more accurate and reliable solutions.